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Solar Holiday in Leo Author: Golubovska Ludmila

Date: 2010.09.03
Author: Голубовская Людмила

During each of the 12 solar holidays, special energy pours on Earth that carries the quality of certain rays, comes power which is capable to perform certain stages of the Divine Plan.

So what is the force descends to Earth during zodiacal sign of Leo?


"Individuality and true self-consciousness

Looking at the sign of Leo and the energy of this sign, zodiacal sign of Leo gives a person a powerful push, and simultaneously creates an opportunity to reveal his identity and realize the creativity. That's the sign of Leo is associated with knowledge of the man himself. Previous experience of a person in Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer was only the preparation for the appearance in Leo, in which a person must become a true "Son of the Mind":

"In Aries soul becomes that type of matter that could allow it to come into contact with the world of ideas. Soul put itself in a mental shell. ... And human became a thinking soul. During Taurus it made contact with the world of desire .... Means of contact with the world of feelings and emotions were developed and human became feeling soul. In Gemini it has been established a new vital energy and by combining energy of the Soul and matter, and human became a living soul. It formed the vital or etheric body. During Cancer, which is a sign of physical birth and tranformation work was completed. ... The man became living active principle in the physical world. During Leo man becomes what is called five-pointed star. Star is the symbol of idividualization. And the individual becomes aware of himself as "me." During this sign we are starting to use the word "I", "me", "my".

Timeless wisdom of the East says that the number five is the most occult and the most meaningful of the numbers. It states that a group of celestial and spiritual beings, who incarnated on earth, ... combines the dual attributes of the universe — the spiritual and physical. ... Hence we have the number ten, which is considered the number of human perfection and completion, the number of perfectly developed and number which reached a balance of spirit and matter. But this number, where the Spirit does not dominate over matter, this number is striving, whose target is to subjugate the matter to the needs of the Spirit and thus upset the balance of 10 (my emphasis — L. Golubovska) "(Alice A. Bailey, "Esoteric Astrology", pp. 100-102)

Energy of Leo encourages people to become a developed creative individual which they force him to show the love of God. Therefore, we see that people who were born in the zodiacal sign of Leo, or have it on the Ascendant (in place of a rising star), or they have a cluster of planets in the sign are remarkable personalities. "Important features of Leo are well known. They are individuality and true self-consciousness "(Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, pp. 288).

Every person gets energy of Leo which went through Sun and spiritual teachers of Hierarchy when energy of Leo energy poured out on Earth (from 22 July to 22 August) and, in particular, during solar holiday. Every person gets this energy and not only people who were born in this sign

This energy allows to see your true identity and develop self-consciousness, but do we use it correctly ? "Many people believe in their self-conscious, whereas they are only subject to the pendulum of desires, focusing on their satisfaction. Or they see themselves as the dramatic center of the universe (The same)..



"The Temptation Leo –Everything is Directed to a Person"

A person who did not yet dedicate himself to better himself spiritually can mistakenly sent energy of this very strong sign only to the flowering of his personality. Leo’s energy gives great opportunities to a person.

Actually, the development of a strong personality is essential to everyone, because it can not truly be a servant of human kind with a weak, "colorless" personality. He will have nothing to contribute to international experience, and he can not do much for all the work requiring special skills, strength, skill and love.

Therefore, nature often goes this way: first, developing the human personality to the level of truly outstanding achievements, then this person is reoriented by his soul and his higher self to the service of all, the promotion of all life on Earth by way of evolution. Tibetan teacher says : "To shine, you have to be Bright developed personality ".

I know that the period in human development when the individual has a strong and capable, but still not obeying the will of the Supreme "I" person, is difficult.

There is will, huge personal desires and ambitions. Typically, desires of Leo come to life easily, because his fiery cosmic energy is able to burn obstacles. But at the same time, the fire burns not only the obstacles which interfere with wish fulfillment of Leo, but also consequences of his selfishness. Then later Leo faces later that fire has also destroyed what he desired as well.


Fire That Burns Obstacles

It is known that Leo is a fire sign. In our time, and especially for the student, it takes precedence over all the fire signs. This is mentioned by Tibetan teacher: "This is a fire sign, and nowadays he prevails among the fiery signs. Among other things, the sons of the Mind, a self-conscious children of God are the Sons of the Fire and ... they have that special quality that can burn, destroy and eliminate all obstacles to their essentially divine expression. I want you to remember about the cleansing nature of Fire "(Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, pp. 289).

I believe that you all paid attention to the ability of fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) to break forward, to strive to reach the goals and desires. It is important to use fire correctly, and set goals which are not personal but which are developing and emerging from the collective consciousness.

Typically, the inner fire of cosmic energies man "Leo" uses to achieve his goals. Fire burns obstacles and then the path is clear, the man reached what he desired.

However, if something person’s goals are directed only to feed and the exaltation of fanning the individual of his life, then another fire comes in to play . Fire of purification and burns all the obstacles of Spiritual Development, Personal achievements of Man "Leo", if they been used incorrectly, burn in the fire. They burn in sweeping fire and his affections and love for the old excess material values, excess love to his family and children and love relationships also burn in this fire.

For the spiritually aspiring person, student, principal purifying factor is fire: "... fire, burning all obstacles. Gradually achieved clearance of all nature, and person becomes sensitive to those influences, which are activated. ... Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are beginning to refocus its universality, self-awareness and sense of purpose "(The same).

That's a hint, that's "key" to "lions" how to get out of the obsession of the "great personality" and out of intoxication with their abilities to achieve goals. They must rid themselves of what prevents them from growing spiritually, the more so that the fire will help them in this. They should re-orient towards “universality, self-awareness and commitment. “




"Double Symbolism of Sign of Leo"

Double symbolism sign of Leo is clearly visible in our use of comparison, a man with a lion. On the one hand, the lion symbol of strength and courage. If we say about a man that he was "strong and brave as a lion, it will be high recognition of human dignity. On the other hand, a comparison with the lion can mean the opposite — the brutality and aggression. If we say, "he attacked me like a lion", it is clear that this man was fierce and was ready to destroy.

This dual symbolism quite naturally appears in the sign of Leo. Man-lion — and then, and the other side as well. Lower human nature zodiacal sign of Leo is a strong dominance of the human personality, which in pursuit of their goals, threatens all living things like the raging lion.


In "The Labours of Hercules", the fifth feat is suffocation of lion by Hercules. Lion is cruel and bloodthirsty beast, which terrorized civilians of Nemei: "... Nemean lion symbolizes a strong personality which is unable to contain himself and threatens the world around them" (Alice A. Bailey, "The Labours of Hercules , p. 108).

It is typical for a developed strong person is to accomplish this feat: "grant from the masses and developing the personality, then he should kill what he created, he must renounce support of what was still his main protection. Selfishness, self-preservation instinct (my emphasis — L. Golubovskaya) must give way to a complete lack of selfishness, which is essentially the subordination of "I" whole ". A better natured human is the apotheosis of human achievement.



Astrological ax Leo — Aquarius

While investigating any sign of the zodiac, we must consider its opposite sign. When energy of one sign is present , they "include" the energy of the opposite sign. Only then people will harmoniously work out his his sign, when he masters the opposite sign. In this case energy of any zodiacal sign will be turning into "six great power".

Here is what teacher wrote about power of axis Leo- Aquarius:

"In Leo man himself is his own center and a point of consciousness, he revolves around himself, only about his own axis. He relates everything to himself, always staying centered on himself, and devoting all his time, service, to his own well-being and personal interests. However, in Aquarius, which is the polar opposite of Leo, there is no longer the center and circle of influence, there are only two outgoing lines of energy pouring from it into the world of people (my emphasis — L. Golubovska). Self-conscious individual in Leo becomes conscious servant in Aquarius, which is shown in the symbols of these two characters. Human Aquarius devotes himself to serving the good of humanity.

We are told that Aquarius governs the circulatory system and its functioning. Life force is distributed throughout the body through blood system. The movement of blood symbolizes the liberation of man-Aquarius, distributes spiritual life throughout the fourth kingdom of nature. Effects of Aquarius is perceived as life giving ... "(Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, pp. 143.144).





How to Come to True Self-Consciousness?

At the very beginning of this article, we talked about the fact that Leo is associated with self-consciousness, but in the early stages of its development man "Leo" understands only itself: "Many people believe in their self-conscious, whereas they are only subject to the pendulum of desires, focusing on their satisfaction or recognize themselves as dramatic center of the universe "(Alice A. Bailey," Esoteric Astrology ", s.288).

What does Tibetan Master mean by self-consciousness?

"A really self-conscious is the one who is aware of the purpose, is directed by the self-conscious life, and some developed life-plan or program (my emphasis — L. Golubovskaya). The presence of these components indicates presence of mental perception and a certain degree of integration. Be motivated only by emotions or encourage one's wishes does not mean to have a true identity. Real developed, self-conscious sees the focus, purpose and plan, but also realizes that he is an active agent of the plan and specific action. Think about it.

There are two secondary, but powerful features of subject of Leo, which should refer to clearly understanding of nature of effects of this sign. This will clarify, that driving force of self-knowledge, self-perception and intellectual positivity, as well as the will-control and dominance is so typical to this sign. That will lead-manage the people born in this sign, the final achievement of self-control and control over the individual (guided or pious or selfish motive). The same tendency leads ultimately to gain control person, controlled by Lev, over large or small groups of people that at an advanced stage of fusion energy is an expression of the Lion and the power of Aquarius. Ultimately, the passage through this situation inevitable for people and races to the trains of their entire experience in Leo. Wola clarify encourages all people "lion" like experimenting vat and acquire knowledge, and she connects them with the Taurus, which "is a beautiful pearl, illuminated his forehead." Relationship Taurus, Leo and Aquarius form a triangle of the zodiac, important for a man ... "(ibid.).

Summing up all that was said here, we come to the conclusion that man of the future is bright strong creative personality, developed in Leo, but with the social consciousness of Aquarius: "In essence and in reality, man is not what it seems. In essence it is what will be demonstrated in Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. It will be a man with a universal consciousness ... ".

Future Holiday of SIRIUS

From early days August was considered a month of the brightest star Sirius, the brightest star in sky. This is a wonderful bluish star was always loved by humanity, which reflects the secret esoteric knowledge that the evolution of our solar system is sent from Sirius:

"Touch on another aspect of the topic. August, is managed by Leo, a month of Sirius, Star (in the constellation of the Big Dog), which reflects the close relationship between Sirius and Leo. In the cosmic sense (and quite independently of our solar system) Leo is controlled by Sirius. Sirius is abode of the Grand Lodge, which allows people our fifth initiation, and human enters this Lodge as a humble disciple "(Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, pp. 299).

The teacher wrote that in the future, in the month of August each year, the world will create through collective meditation a channel that energy will flow from Sirius to Earth: "Later, when it was founded and will be a new world religion, we find that the main monthly holiday is full moon which is held in August, will focus on the goal of establishing contact — through the hierarchy — with the power of Sirius. Over time, every month of the year will be devoted to (thanks to precise astronomical and astrological knowledge) to the constellation, which manages the current month, just as Sirius manages the Lion "(The same.).

It was in August of humanity can "pave" the channel to supreme, "father" star, guiding the evolution of our solar system — Sirius.

Lets together do it!



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