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Solar Celebration in Zodiac sign Cancer By Ludmila Golubovskaya

Date: 2010.09.01
Author: Голубовская Людмила

12 Solar Celebrations. During that time a special energy is coming to earth. This energy is carrying the qualities of certain rays, also it has a special force which allows to fulfill certain steps of Gods plan.

So what kind of energy does zodiac sign Cancer have?


“ Gates to Transformation”

In order to be able to answer this question, we get to look into esoteric side of this sign. “Cancer sign is one of the two gates of Zodiac. Souls are coming through this sign in order to materialize into a form, and also this form is related to this soul for many more years to come…They (gates of Cancer sign) are connected to the material nature, as well as other gates. Like for example, Sagittarius, is connected to the Father and Holy Spirit of all material Existence.

All problems of the Law of Transformation is hidden in this sign. Transformation is fundamentally related to the Universe…”(Alice Bailey, “Esoteric Philosophy”, p. 313).

So, cancer is related to the transformation. The word ”reincarnation” became familiar to everybody and it is also a popular word as well. However, do we understand correctly the purpose of transformation? “ The topic of transformation is not completely understood at the present time. Modern understanding of this concept is full of small and not important details. It also has a big misconception about the process during arguments about the length of the periods between transformations. It also was lost during the unsuccessful attempts to reconstruct past lives of religious people. (The same).

I also would like to address the contents of naпve brochure which talks about the beginning of humankind. The brochure states that now we have the 5th reincarnation of human being which lived 600 years ago in Australia and the main source of work was

primitive carpentry.

But this is impossible! Any person who is familiar with the work of Elena Blavatsky, Annie Bezant, Alice Bailey and other influential teachers in esoteric healing, is able

to see that human being has been transformed thousand times during his life on Earth and there are many more transformations to come.

Humankind has its history of reincarnation from times of Lemuria which was 18 million years ago. At that time primitive human was initiated by the sparkle of Gods energy.


Lets do the calculations of approximately how may times each human transformed during that time. If we take into account that every human transforms once every thousand years, then by our time, human has been transformed approximately 18 thousand times. However, it is just approximate calculations but it still shows the impossibility of 5 or 6 transformations.

However, the mystery of the law of transformation is hidden from us for now due to immaturity of humans in general. Majority of people are interested in details of the own past private life which goes centuries back. But for now these details will not be revealed because immature human being may not interpret them correctly.


The topic of transformation was the major topic in Buddhism for the past two thousand years. “The Tibetan” points out that there is a different interpretation of two major rules in Buddhism: “ It is clear that there is only two known rules of returning of higher “I” to physical form.

The first rule states that if the perfection is not achieved, then soul has to come back and continue the process of perfection on Earth. Second rue says that impulse which pushes the Higher “I” to such actions symbolizes the form of unfulfilled wish.

Both of these statements are partially correct; they represent the truth partially(underlined by me-L. Golubovskaya). They are connected with more general truth, which is not yet analyzed or accepted fully by esoterics. These statements are secondary by their nature. Will and knowledge but not the desire moves the return process. The Higher “I” is already perfect and not the desire to perfect it moves this process. The main reason for this process is sacrifice and serve smaller lives, which depend on higher inspiration.

Please always remember this when you research the topic of transformation. Terms “transformation” and “reincarnation” can be confusing…”(Alice Bailey “Esoteric Philosophy”, p.324.325).

Tibetan Master says that evolution has much deeper meaning than what we think presently . The words “ cyclical enablement”, “intended purposeful repeat” and conscious breathe in and breathe out” are more suitable for the description of this cosmic process. It is not easy to understand this thought, because it requires the equalization with the Universe which breathes like this, and also with the PLANETARNYI LOGOS ( the same).

In order to understand evolution, please imagine that Planetarnyi Logos breathes in. And during this process of breathe in, and also according to His plan of evolution, groups of people and also other beings go through evolution. When he breathes out, these groups stop their physical existence. “So esoterically speaking, the most interesting is in the fact that group evolution does not stop. And individual transformation is just a part of this big event…

Groups of souls come to evolution process in cycles and together in order to implement the Plan… We will see total change about this study of Evolution Process when we will know more about the purpose of the Plan.

Imagine, how the part of the “platform” of modern Buddhism should change. “Platform” which is based on the theory of evolution when human being transforms due to a) his or hers own desires and b) due to his or hers bad karma which needs to be worked through. According to “Platform” also, if human a) stops desiring and b) stop its bad karma, then he or she will stop the evolution process on Earth and will avoid suffering which is always follows during lifetime on Earth.

The main and higher goal in Buddhism is to get rid of desires and leave “cycle of evolution”, in order not to incarnate on Earth.

But if you think deeply about the fact, which mentions Tibetan Master that desire does not determine the return process. The will and knowledge of the Plan encourage the process Desire to become more perfect does not move Higher “I” in this process because Higher "I” is already perfect. The main motive — a sacrifice and service to the smaller lives that depend on higher inspiration “. Therefore, the reason not to reincarnate in order to avoid suffering, seems to be false.


We see that the “Higher I, while it is evolving, sacrifices its heavenly blessing for the sake of smaller lives, which are still in captivity of the material world. It serves them, as these smaller lives are able to arise and evolve better and faster, driven by a "higher inspiration."

Besides the two accepted the basic concepts of Buddhism on reincarnation, which are described above under items a) and b), — true Buddhists speak of the necessity of charity and helping others. In the book "Open Heart" Dalai Lama shows us his favorite prayer

“Until the world exists,

While creatures inhabit the world,

I will stay in it

To help, to serve .... "


Thus, the Dalai Lama and other Buddhists are not moved by the motive of "escape wheel of incarnations". They are moved by "the sacrifice and service to the smaller lives that depend on higher inspiration."

Imagine now that some intelligent Western man would start studying Buddhism. He obviously will notice the apparent contradiction between “the desire to leave the wheel of reincarnation " and internal obligation of any spiritual and loving person — to help and serve all living creatures and beings in the Universe.

Both goals seem to be correct, but these goals — "to leave the wheel of reincarnation" and "to serve here on earth" are mutually exclusive. Until Buddhism will not change the wording of its spiritual goals, this contradiction will remain that way. There are no such contradictions on the level of Masters of Wisdom, the Hierarchy, because they see the internal process of life as "cyclical impulse," "intentionally targeted repetition" and "deliberate inhalation and exhalation". By doing it this way, they are able to "identify himself with the One Who as breathing, with the Planetary Logos ... ".

I think this contradiction between the desire to leave “the wheel of reincarnation "and" internal obligation to help and serve "- can be overcome through proper intellectual understanding that the desire. The desire which is a combination of energies of our solar Logos and reflects his" "cyclical impulse" and “intentional repetition of deliberate" and "deliberate inhalation and exhalation, here on Earth, must be disciplined and directed correctly. This must be done to ensure that every wish, instead of continually giving rise to suffering through the attachment of a person to Earth — could serve as a tool for the evolution of a person and all living creatures that inhabit our world.

You see, where I am going with this? “ Repairing” old religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and others will not do any good. "Do not pour new wine into old bottles", — said Christ.

A correct understanding should lead to more precise knowledge, relevant to today's day and its evolutionary purpose. The same applies to the rituals. Old rituals had its place in life. They have served its purpose. They should be replaced with new rituals.

Tibetan Master said that the scientific religion of the future will be common to the whole world. It will include “12 Approaches the Divine" in the days of solar holidays in each of the zodiac signs. The Master says that this way, humanity will receive the highest energy for its evolution.

The world is uniting fast, world economy and communications show evidence of this process. We also see already see that followers of different religions begin to unite as well. This sounds impossible but the process has already begun. The proof of it is the summit of religious leaders which was held in Moscow on July 4 in zodiacal sign of Cancer (!) The idea of the summit was to declare the peacefulness of all religions, show non participation and non- involvement and equal desire for God and kindness.


Astrological influence and energy of zodiacal sign of Cancer

Astrological meaning of this sign is that Cancer is the sign of drastic change. It is a step of the beginning of new life which you can only move forward and not go back.. Those actions, which are taken in Cancer, and the decisions which were made in that sign shall be final and irrevocable. These decisions and actions are the cornerstone of all that should happen within our next solar year (which began March 22 and ends March 22 next year). In Cancer, it is just the beginning of it, and we will see the full picture once Sun will go into zodiacal sign of Capricorn (December,22).


Cancer is a water sign. In its lower meaning it shows too developed emotional life, which is common for a lot of people at the present time. At the highest manifestation of the element of water, it shows pure love, sympathy and help.

Esoteric ruler of Cancer is Neptune. This shows that if "if a person is initiated, it does not react to ordinary feelings, emotions and personal expression, which are manifested in pleasure or pain. And then, when both are overcome, later aquatic life of emotional reactions eventually is giving its way to life of truth and love. Control of the soul esoterically "eliminates" the moon and all traces of it."(Alice A. Bailey," Esoteric Philosophy ", p.316).


Each zodiac sign brings several rays on Earth. The third Ray of Active Intelligence and the Seventh Ray of Ritual, Order and Organization are the strongest Rays of this sign Both of the rays: the third and seventh are the most materialize Rays.

"Now you should be clear why the Moon and Neptune, passing the mental energy, which is coupled with a tendency to reach its goals through conflict, control cancer so strong, both: directly and indirectly. They control the shape and lower psychic nature and create a battlefield ... The battlefield where form and low psychosis "will fight the last battle" with the highest emotions . These words are the key to the relationship between Cancer and Capricorn. Energy of the Seventh Ray is added to this powerful combination (producing a synthesis of the expression in physical world) and the Third Ray (causing intense activity in this matter) "(Alice A. Bailey," Esoteric Astrology ", p.340).


Saturn manages Capricorn. And for Saturn Cancer is associated with exile, and it creates conditions and situations which lead to the need to fight. "This makes the sign of Cancer as a place of symbolic imprisonment and emphasizes the role of suffering and punishment for wrong direction. This conflict of the soul with its environment, carried out consciously or unconsciously, leads to punishment and creates conditions for suffering that the soul consciously accepted when it chose its path on Earth with all its sacrifices and pain in order to save lives, to whom she feels attracted (emphasis added — L. Golubovskaya ) "(Alice A. Bailey," Esoteric Philosophy ", p.342).





Let us recall the obvious statement, that we find ourselves our close surroundings next to the people with whom we have complicated and bad karma. Our relatives and loved ones, sometimes cause us suffering, and even put us in tough conditions. "Well, we say to ourselves, I have bad karma with this person. Once I caused him pain and now I have to work it out. " All this is absolutely correct.

But this is only a partial truth. The deeper truth behind this is that "the conflict of the soul with its environment ..., which is leading to punishment, creates conditions for the suffering soul which was knowingly accepted," ... in order to save lives of which she cared.

Therefore, a person does it consciously and knowingly in order to save lives of people whom he or she cares. It happens when we are surrounded by close to us people, who make us suffer.

Just imagine now that all the suffering from relationships which were selected by your soul in order to "to save life, to whom she cares. This is a noble motive! Then any relationship in your life be full of new and deep meaning!

Thus, greater knowledge leads to a completely different outlook on life. Tibetan Master said that in Cancer "Unit awakes to the surroundings" (Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Philosophy, p. 332). That is why astrologically zodiacal sign of Cancer is associated with Home because Home is seen as all our loved ones and relatives. Later, Home "is seen as a whole (That is what I am writing in his book "The New Consciousness.")


Spiritual person is suitable to embody in Cancer after he passed the previous incarnation in Aries, Taurus and Gemini: "Having mastered the ability to reason in Aries and desire in Taurus, as well as having the essential duality of Gemini, human reincarnates through birth in Cancer.

Cancer — a sign of something big. It impacts the world by formation of humanity, race, nation and family unity. When we are talking about a person who is seeking to improve, then in several signs, a seeking person is preparing for bigger goals. In Aries he tries to put the mind to fulfill his needs by learning mental control. In Taurus, the "mother of enlightenment", he gets the first outbreak of the spiritual light, which will gradually become brighter as we approach seeks to Goal. At Gemini, he not only aware of two aspects of his nature, but the immortal aspect begins to increase because death aspect .

Now, in cancer, he receives the first touch a more universal sense, which is the highest aspect of consciousness. Thus, equipped with a controlled mind, the ability to notice insight, ability to communicate with his immortal aspect and intuitively recognize the kingdom of the Spirit, he is ready for more work "(Alice A. Bailey," The Labors of Hercules, p. 82).

At the early stage of development of mankind, Cancer was a sign of instinct. His key word is "self-preservation”, which is leading to the urge to transform in Cancer, which is a gate through which the spirit manifested in real life.

The sign that we are currently exploring, is mainly a sign of instinct. However, intuition is a supreme expression of the instinct (my emphasis — L. Golubovskaya ). Just as the matter should be raised to the sky, and the instinct must be lifted up. And instinct is transcended and transmuted, then it manifests itself now as intuition .... The intermediate stage is a stage of intelligence. The most important task ... now — to develop your intuition and learn ... the ability to instantly recognize the truth and reality "(Alice A. Bailey," The Labors of Hercules ", p. 83).



Originally undeveloped man driven was only survival instinct. Obeying him, he is looking for or building a house, driven by a desire to survive. Later, he builds a house for his family, and he is bringing this energy of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence. This ray gives a person the ability to selectively "catch" from the space energy of the right quality, so that the results in al lot of good stuff such as : his house is growing, the number of families is growing, and he provides for all of them , food, and then and better living conditions. And it seems to him that the result of his efforts — is a crown of perfection.

But then he discovers that his relatives, for whom he tried so hard, are becoming more selfish and hostile to him, and a man has a suspicion that may be the purpose of this was wrong. This step means the awakening of spiritual intuition. Right now, people should discover that his Home — the whole earth, and his family is all humankind.

"Pilgrims have the instinct, it shows as intellect when they pass through different constellations of the zodiac, situated under this huge sign (Cancer)It happens as he develops a consciousness and out of the purely animal stage. Then time comes after repeatedly passing the Zodiac, striving person happens to find himself in Cancer and starts seeking his hidden, spiritual intuition, which will now lead his own individual way "(Alice A. Bailey," The Labors of Hercules " , p. 92).


Teacher gives beautiful farewell to all of us who are in the incarnation, and, therefore, who entered into the earthly life through the "Gate of Cancer:" This sign is deeply significant for all. You are in the process incarnation and you follow a chosen path. Is the house which you're building bright enough? Or perhaps you are building a dungeon? If the house is bright, then you will attract light and warmth of everyone around you. And the attraction of your soul, whose nature — light and love, will save many. If you are still an isolated soul, you will have to go through the horrors of a more complete isolation and loneliness, wander through the dark side of the soul. Nevertheless, this isolation, loneliness is a part of the Great Illusion. It's an illusion where all of mankind today gets in today in order to prepare for the unity and freedom (my emphasis — L. Golubovskaya ). Some are lost in the illusion and do not know what is reality and truth. Others are moving in the world of illusion in order to save your brothers. A nd if you are not yet able to do so, you have to learn it "(Alice A. Bailey," Esoteric Astrology ", p.343).


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